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A reference to the best environmental practices in Viticulture in Portugal

By Joao Portugal Ramos Family Estates

João Portugal Ramos, and the group João Portugal Ramos Family Estates , with its name is based in Estremoz, and is an inevitable reference of the Portuguese wines with several projects in 5 major wine regions of the country: J Portugal Ramos Wines (Alentejo); Falua Wines (Tejo), Quinta de Foz de Arouce (Beiras), Duorum Wines (Douro) and more recently Vinho Verde Project (Monção and Melgaço).

Born to a long line of producers, JOÃO PORTUGAL RAMOS started his work as oenologist in Alentejo region in 1980 and in the end of the 1980’s, as result of his accumulated experience, became a consultant oenologist in response to requests from various producers scattered around the country, playing an important role in the development of some notable Portuguese wines across a wide variety of regions. The successes achieved and prizes won throughout his career have brought him national and international acclaim as one of the main figures responsible for the development of Portuguese wines during the last thirty years.

The beauty of the Alentejo plains, its culture and the rich gastronomic tradition make Estremoz a fascinating region. This was the location chosen by João Portugal Ramos in 1990, to make his own wines.

João Portugal Ramos Family Estates has taken into consideration sustainability based not only in a profitable enterprise but also one that takes into account the environmental and social aspects, permanently searching for efficiency.

This process starts in the vineyards through integrated agriculture and biological vine , ending in post consuption . Our dimension allows us to expand successful management measures to the various projects, and to adapt or abandon less successful measures.

As agronomist and nature lover João Ramos has been reinforcing consciousness and passing on good environmental practices to all those who collaborate with him on a daily basis.
From a strategic point of view our attitude towards the environment has been necessary and relevant in many aspects. It expresses the long-standing relationship with nature and the countryside, and our investors, executives, workers, partners, can be said to express some of our core values.

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We are also aware that the consumer nowadays has high principles related with health, well-being and environment and we have to meet their expectations. Additionally, to embrace the most demanding markets, companies are subject to a careful selection by the monopolies, which pay considerable attention to social and environmental contribution of each business.

The landscape surrounding us, the concern and the careful and professional maintenance of our vineyards are crucial to our activity.

We operate in an industry with some significant environmental impacts regulated by law, in such delicate operations such as construction of reservoirs, waste production, the replacement of natural vegetation by new vineyards, etc… Probably we would have already lost some vines to water erosion if not for the obligation to preserve the water lines, to conserve natural resources … . We have to rise to the challenges.

Joao Portugal Ramos Vinhos image 2The Duorum project within the group (Douro) with 8 years of existence, has been a major national and international environmental icon. One of the properties, Quinta de Castelo Melhor, is partially placed in two conservation areas included in the European conservation network (Natura 2000), namely a Special Protection Area for Birds and a Special Area of Conservation for Habitats

In 2012 we were invited by Portuguese Nature Conservation Institute (ICN) to join the European Business & Biodiversity Initiative, a platform and network of companies that show clear commitments in order to integrate biodiversity on its business.

In 2013, The Empreendouro award which honors the best entrepreneurial projects in the Douro region – and Viticulture Company of the Year

2015 – International recognition came this year, when we won the Anders Wall Award, THE BEST EUROPEAN SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT IN RURAL AREAS .

This award is promoted by several entities, including “Anders Wall Foundation”, “Friends of the Countryside”, “DG Environment European Commission” and “Swedish Royal Forestry and Agriculture Academy” awarding every year the European project that best contributed to sustainable rural development, landscape preservation and promotion of biodiversity, enhancing also the rural economy within the European community.

Our group companies were pioneers in the implementation of legal obligations relating to the European Environmental Liability Directive, which is based on the polluter pays´s principle that ensures the repair of environmental damage before the whole community, promoting risk management.

João Portugal Ramos Family Estates has created a compelling sustainable vision of its business and as a consequence is now facing a tremendous challenge and is also determined to protect the environment for the next generations.

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