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Engebra Brazil is the result of an optimistic view, though critical on the future of our country

By Dr. Jose Alves Neto

“A pile of rocks ceases to be a lot of stones in the moment a single man contemplates it, being born within him the image of a cathedral.” Antoine de Saint Exupéry

A country of continental dimensions. Intriguing contrasts, chronic needs, historical challenges. It was there, right there, where many saw only a pile of stones, that we glimpse our cathedral: a vigorous Brazil, full of energy, where the contrasts would be sources of creative solutions; where the deficiencies would be the starting point to promote economic and social inclusion; where the challenges would be synonymous with opportunities.

We could not predict the future of Brazil, but we could help create it
It was in this setting and with this vision that ENGEBRA BRAZIL was born. As its founders, being working in the electricity supply market for almost two decades, we knew that future and development are part of the same process. And they both pass through the generation and power consumption.

ENGEBRA SSC BRAZIL today – one Shared Services Center
The company has its own headquarters in the city of Goiania, the state capital of Goiás – in the geographic heart of Brazil, 250 kilometers from Brasilia. As a Shared Services Center, it manages the other group companies, consolidating on its balance sheet the result from all of them. The financial activities, accounting, tax, human resources, information technology, in short, the whole structure is shared by the other companies, with the vision of best performance of the work. In this site is where the presidency of the company is. It is the chairman task to envision the strategic direction of all the Group’s businesses.


ENGEBRA LLC (Limited Liability Company) – Delaware, United States is the holding of ENGEBRA BRAZIL SSC. Its goal is to raise funds abroad, with investors interested in energy projects in Brazil.
IFP ENGEBRA – Infrastructure Fund for power generation, controlled by ENGEBRA BRAZIL SSC.
Its goal is to open fundraising opportunities with institutional investors and consolidate the economic group within a corporate structure, with greater transparency and control. IFP ENGEBRA is the controller of the partner companies: UTE DAIA, CNE, CSE, FUEL STAR and ERFOX, all with expertise in the energy field.

UTE DAIA – Thermal Power Plant Anapolis SA
Located in DAIA – Agroindustrial District of Anápolis, State of Goiás, the company has a physical structure of 40,000 m2 and is in operational phase. UTE DAIA has the capacity to generate 44,3MW in average. Its mission is to generate and supply electricity to the National Interconnected System – NIS, serving a total of 27 power distributors nationwide.

CENTRO NORTE ENERGY – CNE – (Mid North Energy) Biomass Energy Plant
It is located in the municipality of Jaragua, State of Goiás, and is in the implementation phase. It is a project developed for power generation using biomass, with the generating capacity of 105 MW in average. It will have as byproduct the anhydrous and hydrated alcohol with a production of approximately 380 million gallons per year.

CENTRO SUL ENERGY – CSE – (Mid South Energy) Biomass Energy Plant
It is located in the municipality of Orizona, State of Goiás, and is in the implementation phase. It is a project developed for power generation using biomass, with the generating capacity of 105 MW in average. It will have as by-products, anhydrous and hydrated alcohol, with a production of approximately 380 million liters per year.

FUEL STAR – solution for temporary needs of electricity.
It is located in Anapolis, in the state of Goiás, and it operates in the rental market and maintenance of generator sets, serving major customers in their needs for temporary generation of electricity.

It is located in Anapolis, and it is a Research and Development company – R & D – It operates on the development of technologies for the power generation segment, clean, sustainable and renewable energy. It is currently developing a hydrogen based energy project.

Investment of intellectual capital – the importance of the human factor in business success
Among the competitive differentials that undoubtedly magnify an enterprise is the quality of the team. In this regard, we point out, even with a certain pride, the brilliant performance of the ENGEBRA team, an optimized and competent team with expertise in the energy segment. They are committed professionals that are involved, motivated, sparing no efforts or creativity in finding innovative solutions and the best results for the company and for the customers.

ENGEBRA BRAZIL SSC – strengthening partnerships tuned in on development
We have lived through and have overcome successfully several national and international crises over the last few years. We have been strengthened all the way. We have audacious business plans and an inspiring mission to guide us. All of our projects have, in essence, three fundamental values that support our work: sustainable development, environmental preservation and respect for society. Through IFP ENGEBRA we seek to establish and strengthen productive partnerships, tuned in, to help us ensure the future of the company and expand our role in promoting development. This sharing expertise will give a new dimension to projects, strengthening the business environment and opening new roads for partner companies.

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