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Human and financial capital support to a fragile state: Enabling sustainable growth of businesses


HUMAN AND FINANCIAL CAPITAL SUPPORT TO A FRAGILE STATE: Enabling sustainable growth of businesses

Fragile and conflict affected states pose a unique set of challenges to socio- economic development. These may include lack of (i) human and natural resource management, (ii) inclusive growth and (iii) government’s capacity to provide public and other basic services. Post the election conflict, the government of Cote d’Ivoire adopted a National Development Plan, in which four key areas were outlined for investment and innovation, including energy and industry development.
AMSCO Jean Pierre Kintenda Directeur Technique Fonderie 1In response to government’s call, human capital development organisation – African Management Services Company (AMSCO)  provided management and skilling solutions to GEMA Construct, a local company that provides provide turnkey projects to the oil and gas, mining, agro processing and logistics sectors. AMSCO recognises that increasing investments in such areas lays the foundation for further development and increases opportunities for businesses to thrive.

AMSCO supports Conflict Affected/Fragile States through partnerships with governments and private sector representative organisations. Interventions are targeted at job creation, support to the informal sectors and skills development for the unskilled and semi-skilled.
AMSCO assisted GEMA to achieve its aim of designing and executing industrial and commercial projects in Cote d’Ivoire and the sub regional countries as well as successfully implement their corporate business plan. This involved the secondment of four professional managers in the areas of President and Managing Director, Foundry Production Director, Deputy Managing Director and Foundry and Hydraulic Villages Director.
AMSCO projet carrefourThe AMSCO Managers’ assignments were to define the policy and strategic direction of the company, identify new markets and to implement engineering and quality control among others. They were also expected to lead and contribute to training and development programmes and effectively train successors to take over their responsibilities at the end of their contracts.
Through the support of the African Training and Management Services (ATMS) Foundation – a foundation that provides support on behalf of donor agencies to qualifying Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the AMSCO portfolio – GEMA’s training costs were subsidised with US$43,978.
Integrating management and skilling solutions with financial and continuous advisory aided the success required.

The team of managers set up an industrial construction unit in Cote d’Ivoire offering professional and technical services to the agro-industrial, logistics, oil, gas and mining sectors, which are pillars of the national economy.

Following a general decline in business due to the 2011 post-election war, the managers embarked on a drive to expand GEMA’s activities at national, sub-regional and international levels, including the Congo Brazzaville.
Development impact emanating from balancing human and financial impact resulted in the following:
•    GEMA won international tenders in Congo Brazzaville to build 2 gas terminals in the country
•    There was construction of another gas terminal in Cote d’Ivoire
•    Expansion within the sub-region of Africa with the opening of a branch in Congo
•    Delattre Levivier Morocco, a leader in heavy metal construction in Morocco has acquired 51% of the shares of GEMA and by this will bring its expertise to GEMA Construct and facilitate the company expansion plan
•    12 Ivorian youth were recruited under the World Bank programme
•    Several training programmes were implemented and have resulted in the improvement and development of staff skills
•    Under the President’s Emergency Programme for the rehabilitation of 1,045 village wells in Cote d’Ivoire, five staff from GEMA were designated and trained in order to ensure the rehabilitation and supply of parts to the programme. The project was successfully achieved

AMSCO zakaria zennayi et son équipe 1Over the years, considerable strategic and technical contributions have been made to guarantee GEMA’s business success. AMSCO is confident that GEMA Construct will continue to register further growth and success.
AMSCO’s integrated service offerings of Recruitment, Expatriate Management, Training & Development and Development & Advisory Solutions enable systemic growth of sub-Saharan Africa businesses in multiple sectors.
AMSCO works to identify human capital bottlenecks to enterprise and industry growth with the ultimate goal of assisting companies to be globally competitive, profitable and sustainable. The AMSCO footprint covers Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone countries.

In 2014 AMSCO placed 321 managers in 213 client companies. 80% of the companies were SMEs. 121,861 jobs were supported. AMSCO provided training to a total of 3,447 people. Taxes paid by the AMSCO supported companies to African Governments amounted to US$229 million.

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