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Press conference, G20 International Media Centre, Brisbane

By g20portal

Joanne Yates, C20 Sherpa: Good afternoon, everybody. Welcome to today’s media conference, hosted by the C20, the Australian civil society dialogue to the G20.  It is a pleasure to have you with us today. My name is Joanne Yates. I am the Australian C20 Sherpa. For those of you who don’t know, the C20 is a group of domestic and international non-government organisations and individuals who represent social services, environment, women, Indigenous, multicultural and human rights organisations. We’ve engaged fully with the G20 processes throughout the year and we’ve made 18 interrelated recommendations across the areas of inclusive growth and employment, infrastructure, climate change and resource sustainability and governance, including, importantly, international taxation reform and transparency.

We think that the G20 must use its leadership to address these key and pressing concerns. The C20 will be looking at the communique for commitments to real and concrete action across all of these areas. We think it must contain more than simply platitudes.


Making our case for that reform is our Chair, Tim Costello.  We also have with us today Greg Thompson, from Transparency International, who has also been the Co-Chair of our governance working group, Cassandra Goldie, Deputy Chair and lead on our infrastructure discussions, Sally Sinclair, who has read our inclusive growth and employment working group and, driving his way through traffic is Dermot O’Gorman, who has taken up the challenge of making sure that climate change is a stand-alone agenda item on the G20’s deliberations this weekend.

So, without further ado, I might ask Tim to make a short statement about our body of work, followed by his colleagues, after which we will open the floor for questions. There will be some roving mics, so if you indicate your intention to ask a question we will get a microphone to you. Thanks, Tim.



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