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Secure water for sustainable growth

By Loic Fauchon
President of the World Water Council

Too many children, women and men suffer day after day from not having access to a sound and abundant water resource. This is unacceptable. And this is why, today, each State must actively promote the right to water as an essential part of human dignity. This right has its place in each Constitution. But it also needs to be outlined concretely to ensure minimum allocation for each family, for farmers, schools, medical clinics and hospitals.

Water is not only needed for everyday life. It is essential for the development of mankind. There cannot be industrial or agricultural production without water, no growing economies without the sustainable availability of abundant and inexpensive water resources.

water-wwc-1Water security is now part of the great strategic challenges of today’s world just like nuclear, sanitary, food or maritime security.

Securing water is first and foremost the capacity to guaranty everyone with a decent everyday life, guaranty the water needed to feed the planet’s population and also advocate sound water to radically reduce the death rate due to waterborne diseases.

Securing water also boils down to economic and social security to produce the goods and services needed for development and the improvement of living standards. In a world where the time of easy water is behind us, local and national governments have no choice but to immediately rationalise the use of water, foster reduced consumption and improve management practices.

Securing  water also means ecological security to restore to nature the water that is essential to the preservation of biodiversity and maintenance of ecosystems. It is a moral obligation if we are to guaranty the life and even survival of future generations.

In order to safeguard water for today and especially for the future, we must also tie its fate to that of energy. Firstly because it is the same populations that are denied access to water and to electricity. And because energy is a prerequisite for water and vice versa. This is why we are asking governments to rapidly impose a ‘water-energy package’ within climate negotiations so as to increase funding of great water and sanitation infrastructures.

Securing water resources is a prerequisite for greener growth, the purpose being to guaranty access to water and sanitation to the largest number of people through shared water security in a fair and sustainable way. Sharing after looting.

The responsibility of the G20 political leaders is enormous because nothing will happen if by 2015, water and the notion of water security are not re-centred at the heart of the future Millennium Development Goals allowing to pursue and amplify international mobilisation around this cause.

This is why we ask the Member States of the G20 to commit to support the Water Security Pact initiated by the World Water Council.


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