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The Aegean Free Zone Attracts International Manufacturing Companies


The Aegean Free Zone, Turkey’s foremost manufacturing zone, has a prime location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Situated in the city of Izmir, with easy access to ports and an international airport, ESBAS (Aegean Free Zone Development and Operating Company) offers advantages for companies and a superior quality of life for western executives and their families.

Beginning operations in 1990, the Aegean Free Zone is Turkey’s first modern production and export-based manufacturing zone. In terms of attracting foreign direct investment and companies using advanced technologies, the Aegean Free Zone is the leading industrial zone in Turkey. With its infrastructure-ready sites and ready-to-use manufacturing buildings, ESBAS has attracted powerhouses such as Cummins, Kale-Pratt & Whitney, Gates, Eldor Electronics, Aero, Mahle, Hugo Boss, Delphi Automotive, Akzo Nobel, Delphi Diesel Safe Spice, Fokker Elmo, PFW, FTB Lisi Aerospace, Cevher, Roy Robson and many others.

The Zone currently provides employment for over 18,200 people and in 2014 generated more than $4,3 billion in international trade. Companies operating in the Aegean Free Zone enjoy substantial tax advantages and financial incentives: Manufacturing companies are exempt from corporate tax, earnings and revenues can freely be transferred, there are no VAT tax on Turkish goods and services for the Aegean Free Zone users, no duties or tariffs for goods imported into the Aegean Free Zone from abroad, imports can remain in the Aegean Free Zone without time limitations, direct sales are allowed to Turkey, and there are no limits on proportion of capital participation in the Zone.

Buildings for lease in the Zone are provided on a turnkey basis, satisfying the most demanding tenant requirements from form height, floor capacity and lighting to heating and ventilation. ESBAS has long stressed corporate security, adding to the comfort and peace of mind for those living and working in the Zone. The Aegean Free Zone is a secure, fenced-in development, staffed by its own industrial security, which patrol the Zone around the clock. Additionally, ESBAS has its own fire department, and customs services at the entry gates.

Naturally, ESBAS offers all the essential business basics, including electricity, water, telecommunications and natural gas to all sites. ESBAS supplies a wide array of supplemental services as well, including loading and unloading, equipment rental, stock control, construction, repair and maintenance, customs brokerage, and port-related services. They’ll even provide assistance with your labor recruitment!

The Aegean Free Zone is 2,200,000 m² in size. In addition, ESBAS has an expansion area which is 600,000 m². Companies already have expressed interest in setting up factories in the expansion area. ESBAS is ready to provide additional modern infrastructure and a pleasant working environment to accommodate these potential investors.

Turkey’s third largest city, Izmir is a modern, European-style city with a rich history and an exceptionally mild climate. With its location along a circular bay with palm-lined promenades and green parks, Izmir, known as “the pearl of the Aegean”, offers an idyllic living environment with easy access to historical sites and beach resorts.

With its exceptional amenities, outstanding quality of life, and extraordinary location, ESBAS will continue to expand as investors and manufacturing companies are attracted to this ideal place to do business.

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